How to add Total Qty in Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Credit Notes, Debit Notes

I want a Total Qty, sum of qty like sum of amount in sales invoice, purchase invoice, debit notes, credit notes. How can i get it. I add a screen shot and a red box what i want.

That’s not a feature that is available.
What purpose will it serve ?

It shows total qty sold for a invoice it concern with our customers

But the quantities could be a mix of - kilos, cases, units and litres
So what is the value of having a cumulative number total

1 Drum could be 200 litres
if you sell by the drum the quantity is 1, but if you sell by the litre then the quantity is 200

We are selling in Kg’s we are dealing in metals and it will be in Kg’s for all matters

There are two ways you could provide this information currently, @wqs.trq:

  1. Manually add the total quantity in the Notes field.
  2. Add a custom field to the documents (separate ones need to be defined for sales invoice, purchase invoice, etc.) and enter there.

Manager will not total this for you. Imagine the complications involved for another business that invoices for a combination of billable hours, travel expenses, and supplies purchased to complete the job.

Your only other alternative would be to write a new sales invoice view template from scratch, which is possible. But that cannot be done for other transactions.

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Thanks for this detailed information.
I add custome field in sales invoice but how it will calculate or sum up and show the result in custom field

I already answered.

Did you find a way to do this, I need the exact same thing. I only use billable time and when i create the invoice I need it to show a total number of hours billed for the month.

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There are only two ways to do that, @minty:

  • Add a custom field to the sales invoice, to be filled in by editing after invoice creation.
  • Manually sum the various billable time entries, then modify one to encompass all the others and delete the rest before creating the sales invoice.

How typical, as it can sum the line-amounts to a total out of the box, but it can’t do the line-hours accordingly?? So we can’t catch that field to sum to a custom field to be displayed !

I came this far, by showing the text “totaal_uren”.
But that get’s repeated on the next two lines as well (within the total-paragraph).
So not worth putting more effort in trying to have temp field shown thereSchermafbeelding 2020-02-01 om 11.13.12

Adding a total quantity in your case makes sense because all of the line items on your invoice are using the same unit of measure. But if your invoice lines include mixed unis of measure, for example, units, kilos, litres and boxes, then adding the quanties makes no sense whatsoever.

So, the developer has decided that it is safer not to include total quanties at all

If you use custom field and a custom theme to calculate and print total quantity then it is your responsibility to programme it correctly