Sales Invoice Total by Item

Is this possible to add, Total Qty in Sales Invoice Total by Item
Current Report only show Amount
it would be nice to include Total Qty

May I know, how can I check sales report for items by qty?

There is no way to obtain a total number of items on a sales invoice. This is not a variable stored by the program.

and you might end up adding 10kgs, 6m and 5L together to get ???

current report show Sales Invoice Total by Item in Amount
I would like to request to add Qty columns in this report or
Sales Invoice Total by Item in Qty report

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please help me
how can i generate this report from Custom Reports

Select those variables under general ledger transactions.

Please check and guide me, thanks

This post from December 2018 may help. May need adding a Date filter.

here is filter

here is result
item information, qty and amount didn’t show in single line

missing item information
help me

Check Sales invoice 11. Does it use inventory items?


When i change filter i can see like that


when line shown item information, amount is missing
when line shown amount, item information are missing
Help me

Maybe add this filter:


It will exclude all those duplicate lines, but will also exclude lines without inventory item.

I have sort of exhausted my ideas - maybe someone else can make a suggestion.

Lubos has advised that a Custom report upgrade is in the pipeline.

but still not working

try this is the only solution i have found
no item name, no item code those fields arent exposed
you can specify a customer name and have the report customised for one customer
if you need it customised about one item only i think you can add a field
description - contains - (the description of the items)
if you change standart descriptions in the invoice or use several ones for one item it will not work

but it’s not ok yet
i couldn’t find sales invoice description

I need details desc
system show only header desc



The options are right there in the dropdown list.

There are none shown in the Sales Invoice #2 Edit screen. So there is nothing to show in the custom report. The reason something shows in the invoice View is because that form substitutes the item name for the description when there is otherwise no description.

i have specified this in my post, you have no descriptions as @Tut explained

if you dont have many invoices fill them manually, and in the item tab have descrition filled same as name for the future ones