Total quantity

Can you please update the software…that i can get total qty…under Work Order or Sales Invoice??
Ex; I created a sales invoice with 7 items & i wan to know total qty at the bottom as like as total Amount…

This would make no sense.

I presume that by “work order” you mean production order. A production order currently allows only one type of inventory item to be produced and clearly displays the quantity. There is nothing to add.

Sales invoices might include line items with units of box, bottle, each, meter, kg…. Adding them together would not produce a useful number, so Manager does not calculate such a sum.


i want total quantity as like as amount ,ist it possible??? as follows

In a word, No.

You may have items on your invoice for which it is possible to total the quantities but imagine if you sold 6 litres of oil and 5kgs of nuts - totalling the quantities would give you 11 but it would make no sense whatsoever to have a total of 11 on the invoice

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thats fine…but is it possible…for sometimes if i want i can choose that option…or not…can it possible to update…you can give two option at the buttom…if i want…i can…otherwise not

Manager has no use for such a number, does not calculate it, and therefore does not store it anywhere. So no, this cannot be done within the context of the current program design. This would be similar to adding up all the unit prices from all the line items in a transaction. The number would not have meaning.

If you want to calculate such a number on your own, this could be done with custom fields. See That Guide will not tell you how to do it, but only gives some examples of what might be feasible. You would need to add conditional logic and arithmetic operations in the section of the theme that displays the row.cells array.

You could also probably do this by defining and displaying a custom variable, adding individual line quantities to it as you loop through the array.

If you don’t have the skills, don’t ask how on this forum. This is not the place to learn Liquid coding. Hire a qualified local programmer to do it for you. It would be a lot of work (and possibly expense) to obtain a number that is meaningless from an accounting perspective.