Add Total Qty option in sales order


While creating a sale order I’m not getting total qty. Please add the total quantity option similar to total amount (currency). I can only see Total Qty after creating sales order not while creating it.


You might want to read the FAQ, especially the part where it says:


You may not get a response better than that it is available in View, but only when the Unit of Measure is the same for each item. While editing a screen the software will not know if you intend to use the same Unit of Measure for each line item and putting a running total such as with Price and Total would not make sense as the unit could be PCs (as you put) but also Kg, Liters, Hours, etc.

My apologies.

My unit measure is the same. My item is exactly the same except the color.
E.g. Apple red 5 pcs, apple green 10 pcs. Etc. I need to know the total number of apples.

There should be at least an option toggle on or off.