How to count total Qty in sales/Purchase invoices

How to count total Qty in sales/Purchase invoices.

You can’t. And in many cases it would make no sense - imagine if you sold/bought 5 Kgs of apples and 300 paper clips so the total quantity is 305!

@Joe91 - Joe i sold 10 items with different qty so now i want invoice total qty.

Not possible - search the forum, this has been asked many times and the answer is always the same

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Ok thanks @Joe91

@hd2flex, please do not double-post your questions.

Ok @Tut

It is in theory possible using some of the more advanced features of Liquid (which is the templating language used for Manager’s custom themes), but as @Joe91 pointed out, in most cases it would be meaningless. If you really need to do it, hire a local programmer, or learn how to use Liquid.

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It depends on the nature of the business, I want the same thing as I only charge out time using billable hours. The company that I supply labour to has asked for a total number of hours charged to show on the invoice. It would be good if there was a check box to tick or untick to show or hide total qty when you create the invoice.

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