How to add receipts in the manager

I am new to manager first i downloaded the previous version of the manager. it was working fine i also added some clients and made some invoices but was not able to add receipts as bank accounts column is not showing in my manager software. so i downloaded the new version but it is not working.

the old version is working but it do not have bank account column and new version is not working on my computer. Please help

Enable the Cash Accounts tab and create accounts. Read the applicable Guides on cash accounts for exact procedures.

When I Invoice a Customer like GS Automobile 2600 INR and then I receive money in cash account of 2600 INR in reports it shows the total of 5200 instead of Nil as the customer has paid its dues

When you invoiced the customer, there should have been a corresponding balance in Accounts receivable. When you received money, you should allocate the receipt to Accounts receivable => Customer => Invoice #. And enter all values as positive numbers. (Manager makes any necessary reversals based on type of transaction.) Did you do that?