Set up bank account and / or cash account?

I have created both but Im trying to receive money from invoices I have created and are now paid but not sure where to receive it. When I look at my Summary the starting equity is double???
Please help Im not understanding this at all…

Have you read the below

Im not sure what the statement balance colum is, Im operating an older version as I only have XP
is it different now?

Well, that’s a problem as Windows XP is no longer supported.

Is there some reason why you need to retain XP as you going to find more and more problems with getting support on an older operating system as you have to use older versions of your software to run on XP.

The simplest way to receive money for an invoice is to go to invoice, select receive money and select bank account and then you are done. Not sure why your equity has anything to do with the issue.

But I would highly recommend that you install the latest version of windows on your computer. You don’t have to buy a new computer. Windows 7 and Windows 10 will run on any computer that runs Windows XP and you will be able to take advantage of new features in Manager and any other software that you use. For example Manager has introduced several new features to make it easier for people to receive money and allocate it to the correct customer and so on.

Thanks for the information, I think I will have to buy a new laptop and then download the up to date Manager. My old PC can’t be updated from XP without wiping the hard drive which I don’t want to do.

As an option, create a virtual machine from the hard drive, back that up somewhere and rebuild your PC. Then you can always go back to the VM for anything you need out of the old system.

Having said that, if you’re running XP, it’s probably time for an update anyway :smiley: