How do i enter cash received from customer for an sales invoice?

Hello guys i am new to this software in desktop version and i want to enter an transaction of cash received from a customer by hand. So please help me out this. FYI: i am using this in MACbook air. And also i am unable to add VAT or tax which ever applicable in the invoice.

To enter cash - read the below. For the tax, under Settings - Tax Codes have you activated your codes.

i have opened the invoice of the customer and selected receive money and it opened another tab in which it asks received in and a drop down menu appears but in that menu it show no matches found. so how to rectify that?

Have you opened any cash accounts?
Received In = the account where the money is to go

no not yet opened

If you haven’t opened any cash accounts, how can you receive money ?

and next step? after selecting new cash account?

Just ignore - control account - not relevant at this point

what to for recording payment received?

Re-read my first response above - Receiving money in cash account

ok thanks for this… and kindly guide me for one more reason
how to make groups of customers?
like i have 10 customers in 1 area so how to make that group and also how to get group statement print out?
Your early reply would be appreciated more and will be thankful to you.

You can group customers via codes - Area 1 could have customer A001, A002, A003 etc, and area 2 could have B001, B002, B003 etc - but you can’t group an area’s customers into a single Statement

ok thanks…and how to get print of complete statement of customer till now. like his invoice for month of may is 12,000 rs and now 13,000rs and he pays 11,000 but he says he paid 12,000 so how to take print of complete statement of his account?

You would go to Reports - Customer Statements

ok thanks a lot