How does one know for sure email has been sent

Can anyone tell me how for sure if a email as been sent (and yes I know it’s says its been sent on the system) … It just I sent a email to a FALSE email address to test the theory and the system did not bounce back the email stating it was not delivered…

I tested it by sending it to myself. (Alternative working Email Address) I have Version 16.1.66.

The e-mail function is working

Thank you … I’ll retry … Possibly I Must be doing something wrong … I’ll look at my setting.

You can send to me to test

The email function is not working for me, i am on the latest version and even tried emailing to myself. No joy :slightly_frowning_face:
Been forced to print and post invoices.

I hear what you say… But if a customer of my … Gave me the wrong email address by mistake … Usually for example … Yahoo would inform me it’s not been delivered and I would know for sure… Where as the manager system email just states it’s been sent

I agree it appears not to give an error when being sent to a wrong e-mail

Is there anything we can do?

The reason why Yahoo is able to inform you is because Yahoo can receive emails too. Manager cannot receive emails, it can only send emails.

However, if you are using your email address with custom SMTP and email delivery fails, then bounced email should arrive into your mailbox (e.g. Yahoo).

For this and several other reasons, in future, custom SMTP will be the only way to send emails out of Manager.

Thank you Lubos… So far… Loving your system mate :grinning:

A very simple solution to the question “How does one know for sure email has been sent” is if there were a bcc field on the Email as PDF form (or in the Email Settings form, as a default), as has been suggested several times by myself and others here. If you bcc the message to yourself and you get it, then you know it was sent. (You don’t know whether it was delivered or read by the To addressee, but at least you know that it went out.)

I understand that @lubos is planning to revamp the email feature, but in the meantime just having a bcc option would solve this question as well as the need for email archiving. It should be relatively straightforward to implement, as all it requires is one additional field on the Email as PDF or Email Settings form and one additional header line added to the email message that is already being constructed.

In the latest version (16.1.81), you can now go to Email Settings and check the box so the blind copy will be sent to sender’s email address.

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Thank you!

can you tell how can i use or setup custom SMTP since i’m unable to send email via manager (this error is coming, “An exception occurred during a WebClient request” i even tried sending by but same error occurs, kindly help, or is there a way to save invoice or qoutes in pdf or obatin a pdf any other way?

@fahadalarab, is this happening only when sending sales invoices? How about you try to send some document which doesn’t contain business logo such as Balance Sheet or similar?

I tried with sales invoice again ang email was successful, then i tried with sales order it was unsuccessful and then i tried sales qoute it was unsuccessful, next day i tried with sales qoute it was successful but then i tried to send another sales qoute is was unsuccessful

I’ll try more with sales order or balance sheet or inventory quantity movement again & will update here

Hi @lubos,
I have Manager 16.10.7, just updated, and I am trying to send an email.

After an extended period of waiting, I get: An exception occurred during a WebClient request.

Is this possibly the pdf conversion site issue? Is there a way we can check that service is functioning ok?

A couple of days ago, emailing out with the default option was fine. From one of your comments above, has the default email sending been disabled now?

I have not tried SMTP yet. I just thought I’d check in first before going down that route.

I am using desktop version on Linux…

Is this just issue when emailing an invoice? What if you try to email something else (e.g. some simple report).

As for external PDF service, this will be soon phased out as I’m working on local PDF generator so Manager will be able to produce PDF internally without relying on the Internet or operating system (or some printer driver). This will avoid many of these issues.

Seems to be the same issue with emailing P&L report.
If it is working ok for you, I will test out the SMTP settings and try it that way.

Tried SMTP settings. Test email went through fine, so email is not the issue.
Report/Invoice email sending still fails.