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If i send an email in Manager will i be notified if it doesn’t send?


Be cautious. The linked thread is three years old and the entire email scheme has changed since then.

oh ok

I am still not sure if i email an invoice from Manager desktop how can i know that it has been sent - will i get a notification of delivery failure?

You are asking two questions: (1) how do you know if an invoice has been sent and (2) how do you know if an invoice has been delivered. In the desktop version of Manager, you’ll see an error message if Manager can not send the email. Once the message has been sent, it’s fate is in the lap of the gods, or more precisely at the mercy of those responsible for configuring the sending and receiving mail servers.

In general, if an email is unable to be delivered, you should get a bounce message sent to your from address with a reason why it couldn’t be delivered. For example non-existent address, mailbox over quota, server down etc. The bounce message may be terse and have little meaning unless you are familiar with SMTP codes.

If on the other hand, the email was identified as Spam, then hopefully the receiving mail server will not bounce it, in which case you will never know that it wasn’t delivered.

Of course, even if it does get delivered to a mailbox, it could still end up in a Spam folder never to see the light of day again - you’d be surprised how many people view only their Inbox.

In short, while you can be sure whether or not it has been sent, there is no way you can be 100% certain that a message has been delivered, let alone seen.

Thanks - do you know if that is the same with the cloud version - just
concerned that if I have the wrong email for a customer they may not get
their invoice. So considering if I should upgrade to the cloud version

Don’t know if the cloud edition handles sending in the same way. But assuming it includes your email address as the Return-Path in the email header then you’ll get any bounced emails - just as with the desktop edition. Remember, once an email has been sent, it is out of the hands of the sending application (be it Manager or any other application) and at the mercy of the internet. In short the cloud version cannot provide you with more information regarding delivery success than the desktop version.

However you can be assured, that if you have the wrong email address, then the customer will not get their invoice :expressionless:

All editions function the same way. Assuming you set up a custom SMTP for your outgoing mail, this should behave just like any other email application.

Give consideration, though, to whether you want to send emails from Manager at all. Some users prefer the extra composing options, tracking options, etc., that go with using your regular email. Just make a PDF of the form and attach it. You seem a little nervous about emailing from Manager. Maybe using your regular application will give you more peace of mind. It will also integrate your accounting emails with the rest of your email traffic. Just a thought.

One of the factors that influenced my decision to go with Manager was the ability to email from the application immediately after creating the invoice, without having to do any more than clicking the Email button. No worries about saving a pdf invoice, then switching into an email application, creating a new message and addressing it correctly, and remembering to attach the pdf invoice to it. That’s what I had to do with my previous ageing system, and believe me, it is prone to human error.

I have created an html email template in Manager that includes within the email body a heading with business logo (URL of logo image on my website) and company details, and a personalised salutation using {{ }}, reference to the invoice number {{reference}}, and a section providing full details on payment options. From time to time I also include advertising for special promotions - it’s a safe way to avoid contravening our strong anti-spam laws.

What Manager can’t do at present is request message receipts, but as that is notoriously unreliable (almost all my customers have sending message receipts disabled in their email client), it’s of little consequence. It would be possible to create custom URLs that could be used for tracking, but once again it is unreliable because the recipient would need to have enabled the display of linked images in their email client. Most of my customers don’t.

Thanks - my concern is if i have slightly the wrong email address - will i
know it hasn’t been delivered. I am doing exactly what you describe below
ie: saving as PDF and then sending with an email application - which is
time consuming, I am doing this as i am concerned that if i just send from
the Manager email i wont know if it hasnt been delivered due typo or
spelling mistake in the email. Si i was wondering if the cloud edition was

As far as knowing if an invoice hasn’t been delivered, it makes absolutely no difference whether you send it via an email application, or via Manager Desktop or Cloud edition. If a bounce is generated because the message couldn’t be delivered, the bounce will go to the Return-Path specified in the email. In the case of Manager, that address is the same as the one you specify as the Email address in Settings > Email Settings.

To summarise: sending invoices via an email application will not provide you with any more information regarding success of delivery, but it will be time consuming and the additional steps are open to human error. Personally, it’s a no brainer - use Manager.

pooldoc you can and always, Write a note with the email, asking for feedback if they received it, if they don’t come back to you, message them through whatsapp or sms. for further confirmation.

Ok thanks i will try again - did try sending an invoice to an email i knew
was wrong (slightly different spelling of a surname) and i did not receive
any notification that it did not send ie: no delivery failed notice you get
in an email allplicaiton. I agree it is a no brainer but just dont want to
believe and invoice has been sent when it hasnt

If you make sure the the SMTP credentials you enter in your Manager settings, are the same as in your email client settings, then the results you get by sending from Manager will be just the same as sending from your email client.

Thanks will check