Email issue --- own email address

When trying to send an email to myself in order to email the customer, mail is not receiving on my own Email , while mail is successfully going to other email ids.

I have sent like this many times before and no problem.

The reason I email myself is that I usually attach documentations for the customer to review.

Second issue is if i send any thing through Manager Software Email option, how i can be sure that mail has gone and how to check the attachment in sent email list.

The main problem is that if you use custom email address to send emails from, they might not be received by recipient.

I give you an example, let’s say you are sending emails from email address out of Manager. And sending it to yourself to Yahoo.

What happens is that Yahoo sees email sent to your email address and is thinking “Wait a second, how did user sent an email to themselves if they didn’t use Yahoo - it must be some spam.” and so it’s deleted by Yahoo without even hitting your mailbox.

I suspect the same happens with Hotmail.

The solution is to use Custom SMTP option under Email Settings which will allow you to send email through Hotmail servers. This will greatly improve deliverability.

As for email tracking, that feature has been removed from the program altogether. There are some third-party programs which can integrate with Manager and provide email tracking functionality. I will be writing up some guide once I test them to see which ones are the best.

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Hi Janine,

Here is a working example of SMTP settings using an Outlook email account.
Google your email provider (Outlook, Gmail, etc) for server name (host) and port.

See how you go,
Note sending format, I have found that plain text renders line feeds better than html.

(Happy user)

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Thankyou I use outlook so I will give it a try. I appreciate your help.

Thank you Dave all sorted and working now.