Email tracking not available after updating desktop version

I just updated my desktop edition to the latest version and now the “Track email” option in “Email settings” has disappeared.

I found the same and have been informed by the developer that this feature has been removed.

Email tracking feature has been removed. The main reason is that I want to make desktop edition self-contained in a sense that it doesn’t depend on our servers for any of its features.

There are many products which actually do email tracking:

The question is, how do you integrate this with Manager. I guess, instead of emailing PDF, you would save the invoice, quote or statement as PDF and then email from your primary email client where these email trackers plug in.

But that’s just one example. For example with, all you have to do is to add at the end of recipient’s email address in your outgoing email. You will get an email confirmation as soon and every time your email gets read. So in case of you can get email tracking while keep emailing from Manager.

Thank you for the information Paul, and thank you for listing some alternatives Lubos.

@Lubos: Suggestion => maybe it would be a good idea to remove the “email tracking” text from the website under “features of desktop version” then, I might be confusing for other users since it still lists that option combined with this section from the FAQ.

Is this 100% free accounting software?
Yes. You can use the software as long as you like, use all the features and enter as much data as required.


The answer is written in the context that Manager won’t suddenly pull the rug from under free users pushing them to upgrade to paid version. Email tracking has been removed from all editions. It’s not available to anyone.

I should also say that I like the program very much!

Thank you for making the desktop edition available for free. When I have other suggestions I will post them.

Have a great day

It is very sad that the email tracked has been removed as it really helped a lot when emailing a client.

I see it is also not available on the cloud edition.

Please bring it back.

Guys, does this mean that the “Email” tab in the left hand side of the menu list is removed? I upgrade once a month only. Now at month end communication goes out and it is important for the organizations to have a record of where and who has been emailed and send statements / invoices. If I read this correctly the server Edition no longer has this feature? Please advise.

Email tab hasn’t been removed and it won’t be removed.

Excellent - We host our own mail servers but got real nervous about updating Manager in the face of comments where people are no longer able to successfully email account / Invoice data. Month end is a bad time for something to go wrong in that department :smile: Thank you for confirming OK.