Simplest way to record a paid invoice

I really like Manager, but admittedly, don’t use it to its full potential. I’m a freelancer with no employees, so I just use it as a way to generate invoices for clients and mark them paid, and make a record of expenses for things I buy that are work-related, for tax purposes.

So right now if I generate an invoice and email it to a client, when they send me a payment I go to Invoices and click on the balance due to note the payment. If I use Receipts and Payments, then I have to almost start from scratch recreating the original invoice. It would be so easy at that point to just click a box that says Paid and enter a check number and a date of payment and be done with it. But instead I have to click on New Receipt and enter a lot of the information from the original invoice all over again. My clients never carry a balance and always pay in full.

Am I missing a step or is this the best/only way to mark an invoice as paid? If there’s a simpler, more efficient way I’d love to hear it.


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  1. You go to Sales Invoices, view the invoice that is to be marked paid, click on New Receipt
  2. Go to Customers, click on invoices,then view invoice an New Receipt

Read the Guide: Record a receipt | Manager. See the section on Receipts against sales invoices. Whenever you have a question, the answer is almost always in the Guides. They are equivalent to a 565 page book.

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Thanks. Yes, all those options work. But I still see those empty fields for Description, Item. I know I don’t have to enter that extra information, but I was hoping those fields would get auto-populated with all the same info from the original Invoice and that all I might have to do is add a check number in the Reference field and then click on some kind of Paid In Full button.

If you create the receipt from the invoice, all empty fields are unnecessary and may actually be counterfactual. When receiving money against a sales invoice, the receipt is not for an item, but for a receivable. Inputting items will result in either doubling the transaction or leaving the invoice unpaid, depending upon exactly what you do. Both are disastrous.

Paid in full status occurs automatically when the receipt is entered correctly. It can literally involve two clicks and no typing. Anything else you are doing or contemplating involves more work and will produce incorrect results, probably leading to your overstating your income and paying more taxes.

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Thank you. Yes, I just entered the check number in the description field and that seems to work out fine. The empty field were throwing me. Glad you explained that they could cause problems if I actually filled them out. Thanks again.