How to handle over payment in invoice?

How to handle over payment in invoice?

I create an invoice for my client, the amount is $250 . But her payment is $300. How can I input 300 dollars?

When I go to “Receive Money” that is link to specific invoice, I don’t see any input box that I can enter her payment amount?

When you go to Receive Money, just select Accounts Receivable + Customer (don’t enter invoice selection) and then enter the amount as 300. Manager will pay the 250 invoice and then leave a 50 credit balance on the account.

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Hi Brucanna, thought I would look at this example in case I have same issue. I must be dense tonight because although I know what you are doing I can’t follow how you are doing it in Manager - can you go step by step…which tab (screen you are in when you select ‘Receive Money’ etc. Many thanks.

@Kenneth_Mervin, you can edit the amount on a receipt, even if you initiate it from a specific sales invoice. The extra amount will be applied to the customer’s subaccount and be available to apply to the next sales invoice.

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@vbba, have you read the Guide below? It gives examples of all the ways to enter receipts.

Overpayments in Manager are treated exactly like advances/deposits:

Thanks, probably, but not that I recall - I scanned through the guides which are very good, Manager is very straight forward and that’s how I have entered an overpayment. Advanced deposits I manage differently. But there was a step missing - selecting the receiving account. Thanks.

how can I edit the amount on receipt?? I don’t see any options to edit the amount of receipt

When creating or in edit mode, change the amount.

Ok I get it… In receipt I need to edit the unit price column?? I’m a right??