Recieve money feature

Hello. Is there anyway all payment record for one individual can be stored for future reference? Each time I enter a payment, the date and last payment changes so there is no way of keeping track in details of payments and how and when it is made.
Is there a way to do this that I am missing?

Your description is not specific enough to tell what you are trying to do. Your title mentions receiving money. But your text mentions payments. Are you referring to money going in or out of the company? And who is paying whom? If you are paying, is the recipient an employee?

From what you have said, it sounds like you are editing a record rather than creating a new one for a new transaction.

Manager will store every transaction you enter. If it doesn’t seem to be doing that, you are either using a feature incorrectly or looking for the information in the wrong place. Don’t worry. People on the forum will help you sort things out.

Hi tut. I’m referring to money coming in from clients using the invoice feature. When a client makes a payment on the invoice I use the receive money feature. Sometimes the invoice is left with a balance. When ever I receive a payment again I use the receive money feature but the previous payment made is not shown. Only the updated balance is shown along with the current or last payment. So let’s say a client does business with me and I am to receive 50.000 but he makes a payment of 20.000. I will write an invoice for 50.000 and payment of 20.000. The 30.000 balance will be reflected n that’s good. However when another payment of 15.000 comes in and I enter it using the receive money feature my record will now show payment 35000 and bal. 15000 and the 2 payments made now becomes one instead of listing 20.000 with date and 15.000 with diff date. Do u understand me now? I don’t want separate payment for same client on same project to become one payment. I wld like it to be treated separately on same invoice. Is this possible?

Thanks, @terryannscott1. I understand what you are saying and what you wish the program would do. But I am fairly certain it cannot be made to do that without complete restructuring of the sales invoice template. Manager keeps accounts receivable by customer, and it knows on which sales invoice(s) the subaccount balance depends. But the sales invoice template is only set up to show the total amount credited. You would need to revamp the template to include all those individual payment lines.

@lubos has mentioned a plan to eventually publish a complete list of variables to facilitate advanced HTML hacking of the template. But that isn’t available yet to my knowledge.

Meanwhile, if you go to Sales Invoices and click on the blue Balance Due figure for an invoice, you will see all the payments that have been received. There just isn’t a way to easily get that onto a document to send to the customer.

Tut you are a genius. I found the records by clicking on the balance as you said. Thanks much.