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I have been using my Gmail for sending invoices from But since recently google stopped less secure apps, I could not send email any more from manager. So I am saving invoices in PDF and then mailing them in Gmail from browser. Since this is time consuming, and prone to errors (eg, I forget to cc to all the people of a client), I am again thinking of setting up email in So there is 2 questions for me;

  1. Is there any update, so that I can again start using my Gmail from
  2. I saw video of someone using private emails eg in Gmail. If I setup my private email like that, will I be able to see the emails I send from in my Gmail inbox?

Note: I am not using my private email and my email hosting service at because the emails I send from this way, will not be there in the sent items folder in mail. I was informed from this forum that only google keeps a copy of emails i send in the sent items folder, and what they does is abnormal, not industry standard.


There are various posts on this subject, but also a guide here Google Gmail | Manager - hopefully that helps.

to which question you are referring to ? if you are referring to question 1, then a simple “yes” would be appreciated. i can read the guides and try myself setting it up.

The link provided by @pau is implicit giving you the answer of YES. If you follow the instructions in the link provided you will be able to use Gmail again as it explains what to do giving the new Google security rules.

When i followed that guide this is the error i get.

That message means you did not strictly follow all the guidelines especially using the 16-character password generated by the Gmail app.

My mistake, i typed my usual password in the manager. i should have typed the password i “generated”

thanks everyone for the help

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