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Solved my problem with Gmail errors = twice with two cllients.

If the Manager email setup shows an error while using your Gmail address, try the following:


Turn ON Less secure app access

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This is already explained in the Guide:


I have done all this yet nothing works, it won’t authenticate

What is “all this?” The Guide above includes links for more than one option. There’s also information at You need to provide more information about exactly what you’ve done, what your setup is, and and show screen shots of any error messages.

I do everything that you and the guide tells me but I get a message:
5.7.0 Authentication Required. Learn more at…

@xeniaioa, I told you seven months ago you needed to furnish more information. You have not, only stated that you have done everything the Guide tells you. The system works for thousands of others, so you clearly have not done everything correctly. See this Guide: Follow all appropriate links in it and furnish all information requested.

Here is a print screen copy of what I am filling out. Also, I have allowed lesser safe apps as directed… but I still get the same message. I don’t know what else to do. It just doesn’t happen

@xeniaioa, you did not visit the link I just sent you. And you supplied no screen shot. You also did not supply any of the other information specified in the troubleshooting Guide (the link above). No one can help unless you do.

of course I visited the link you’ve sent

and I have updated manager today

have you followed STEP 3 provided in the guide?
you should enter the newly generated password in Manager and update.

It’s most likely the “Less secure app access” in your GMAIL Settings has not been turned ON. So follow the link below to turn it ON.

You should have logged into your Gmail account anyway.

Get back with any further assistance needed.

all is well, I finally managed it… many thanks to all of you for your help

You are welcome

And, for the benefit of other forum members, what turned out to be the issue, @xeniaioa?

jumbing through the gmail hoops