How to enter a receipt for a customer?


Where do I enter the receipt for a customer when i receive cash from him? entered it into cash on hand but the balance for the customer did not reduce. Please help. Thanks


Under the Cash Accounts tab, click on the account where you will receive the money. Then click on its blue balance. Click the Receive Money button. In the Account dropdown box, select Accounts receivable. When the subaccount box appears, click on the customer.

This requires that you have, first ,created the customer and, second, issues a sales invoice to that customer.


Thanks for your help.


I would find it easier to select the invoice, click receive money and select cash account from dropdown. That way you don’t have to worry abut Accounts Receivable etc.


That’s actually the way I do it, too, @dalacor. I guess I described the longer approach because @Chalmisa began the question by mentioning receiving cash and continued by asking for help troubleshooting the process of entering a payment into Cash on hand. Both paths, of course, accomplish the same thing.