How do I change a Note on Customer invoices?

I need to change the bank details on my customer invoices. I have tried to Customize the invoice but it is grayed out and I cannot access it.

where are you placing the bank details? Are you using the notes field or a custom field?
Please post a screenshot of the page when you are trying to edit. you can hide the private data before posting the screenshot.

I am trying to change details in the ‘Notes’ field. If I go to Customize then Sales Invoices is grayed out and I can’t click on it. I am not sure where else to go to make a change.

after enabling or disabling the modules that you need, scroll down the page and click update before using the modules.

Yes thanks, I did that originally, but now I wan to make a change to the Note and I am not able to do so as Sales invoices in Customize is disabled.

Sales Invoices in Customise is disabled because you have actual Sales Invoices transaction.

To change details in the Notes field, click on set default .

Please can you tell me where to do this. I don’t see it under Settings.

Thanks Brucanna, I have found that I can do the changes on a new invoice and have found the Notes (set Default) on the new invoice. Many thanks to all for the help