Problem adjusting Banking details on invoice

Good Day,

I have been using manager for 2 years now and I currently use the cloud addition. I am trying to update my banking details displayed on my invoice. However when I go into customize invoice, the paragraph where I used to be able to type the banking details shows for a split second and then disappears. Can anyone assist fixing this glitch as a matter of urgency.

You need to be clearer as to what you mean by “go into customize invoice.” That terminology does not correspond to any feature in Manager. Are you referring to:

  • Editing an invoice?
  • Modifying default settings for invoices under Form Defaults?
  • Changing Business identifier under Business Details in Settings?
  • Modifying a custom theme?
  • Altering content of a custom field you created for banking information?

I am referring to the following:

You go to “settings” “Custom field” “sales invoice” “new custom field” - under new custom field I entered banking details in the paragraph to be displayed on every invoice when I set up manager. Now the paragraph box disappears after a second so I can not adjust this.

the default text for all fields including custom fields are now set under Form Defaults unlike before where the user could enter the default text when creating a custom field.
read this guide