Editing notes on my invoices

I created a note in my invoice with my banking details for direct deposit. I cannot seem to be able to edit that. I have tried custom fields, and it says there is something there, because it will not let me delete it, but I cannot edit

what exactly are you trying to do?
are you trying to edit the note on your already issued invoice?
or are you trying to change the contents of your Note field so that it will appear automatically on your future invoices?
or are you trying to delete the Note custom field itself?

Hi sharpdrivetek
I am trying to edit the note, but when I go to edit nothing is there, but somehow I now have my new note?

You have mixed several things together that are related, but different features.

  • Notes used to a standard field that appeared whether there was anything in it or not.
  • Manager was changed a few months ago so all non-essential (for accounting) content went to custom fields. If you had any content in the Notes field of any prior invoice, a custom field named Notes was automatically created for Sales Invoices, and the content of those Notes fields carried over and still appears on the old invoices.
  • If there was default content set for the old Notes field on sales invoices, it was lost.
  • Now, if you want default content for any transaction form, you must do two things: (1) Create a custom field for the form type if one does not already exist and (2) Enter the default content under Form Defaults in Settings. The custom field must be checked to show on printed documents.
  • Content of a Notes field on old invoices can be edited by editing the invoices themselves. But prior invoices are not changed when you change default content for new invoices under Form Defaults.
  • New invoices will show the custom field automatically only if there is content within it. Default content will make it show. But if there is no default content, the field will appear on the entry screen, but not the finished document.

I hope that helps. I know it can be a little confusing. If this doesn’t sort it out, please provide some screen shots and more detailed description of what you are doing, what you expected to see, what you actually saw, etc.

I lost the whole lot on old invoices as well

Are you using any custom themes?

Did the first step.
For the second step cannot do the same for Sales Invoice under ‘Form Defaults’ as for Sales Invoice, the note section doesn’t displays until we select a customer.

Please help as I need to enter default notes under in Sales Invoice form.

It does in my version 18.10.81 - what version are you using?

You are using a very old version of the program. It used to be that until you selected a customer, only a few fields on the sales invoice showed. Now they all show all the time. You are literally thousands of versions behind. Update your software. So many things have changed, you will probably need to spend some time reading the Guides to catch up.

Agreed. Have been hesitant for upgrading Manager as have always incurred lots of bugs and tremendous mess up with my data over these past years. Now that VAT is implemented in our country, can’t afford to have my data messed up. Hence, hesitant to upgrade Manager :frowning:

You won’t be getting much support in that case - either from forum members or the software developer

How do you check which version one is using?

The way to do that has changed so I can’t really say. Is there a version number on the first screen where the businesses are listed?

@Sarika, you might also have a menu tab “About Manager.” But it does not matter what old version you have. You should still update. Nothing in the the Guides and no answers on the forum will pertain to old versions.

Of course i got it in the first place that the issue i am facing is because of the older version of Manager.
Hence, not expecting any support obviously.

Only if Manager didn’t mess up with my data in first place I would have gladly upgraded to the latest version and Mr. Lubos sure know this.

Thanks anyways.