How come Markdown is not working for me?

As I understand it, Markdown should work, but for me it does not (also see my post Again: Purchase Invoices and Reference field). I just upgraded today to Manager desktop edition for Windows, version 15.7.4, hoping that would solve the problem, but . . . no.

What to do?

Where exactly are you trying to use markdown?

I try to use Markdown in a Custom Field and in the Reference field of the Invoices. See pictures.


Custom Field - Purchase Invoice


Invoice - Internal information filed and Custom Field


Purchase invoices - Reference field


Purchase invoices - Reference field - View


With me, Markdown is not working anywhere.

Markdown is only supported in custom field. It won’t work in in-built Reference field.

As you can see in the pictures I enclosed in my previous post, Markdown does not work in my custom field, here with the title ‘Link to scanned document’. So again: why is Markdown not working for me, even in custom fields?

Invoice - Internal information field and Custom Field

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. When I try it, it works fine.

If you like, send your accounting file to and I’ll have a look.