Custom Fields in custom Invoice are not working after upgrade

I have customized sales invoice in a way that suits my needs and even made it work in my local language. Everything worked well until I upgraded it from 15.3.47 to 15.3.50.

Customized sales invoice has the layout which is ok and all the data are pulled correctly. Only Custom field are not working at all. The field is blank on the invoice…

I would appreciate your support.

Just a short update. I have found on Cnet 15.3.44 version of Manager and after I actually rolled back my Manager, Custom fields were working well again. So, I guess something is different in the code for Custom Fields in the latest version.

You can upgrade to the latest version (15.3.53). I fixed this regression bug.

Thanks, I will try it right away :slight_smile:

Thank you @lubos, it works perfectly now with 15.3.53.

Is it possible that the Dutch version (15.4.23) has the same problem? There’s no ‘check’ to ‘Show custom field on printed documents option’.
Thanks for your help.

Found it out! New version (15.4.62) is even more in Dutch and with the checkbox in Custom Fields. Great! Thank you!