Custom Field Line Doesn't Work

Hi, I’m new to Manager and there’s some problems I couldn’t fix. So I created a Custom Field for both Sales and Purchase Invoices- LINE. I want them to be included in the listing of the relevant tabs, I already ticked the “Show custom field as a column” but they don’t appear in the listing.

It also doesn’t work for a drop-down list type of Custom Field, as you can see, I created it as a drop-down list but the options I made don’t appear in in the form at all.

However, everything works if I create it in Custom Field for Sales / Purchase only, but it doesn’t look neat to me because they appear at the bottom of the form as plain texts only.

So is this a bug or did I make a mistake? I would very much appreciate it if someone could help, thank you very much. and by the way I use the cloud version, 21.11.30

dropdown list for line custom fields is not yet supported in Manager even though it is possible to create them.