How to make or use bold text in custom field


Hi, i am using the custom fields for some important issue. Now this feature offer and use the paragraph text and the the text field. (Default Text)

so my question is that is it possible to mark this text or part of it BOLD ? like if i have… Please keep Attention on that…



This is not possible except when creating a new view template for sales invoices. But then you must code the entire invoice from scratch.


@tut, yes but i have no idea on this codes and so on. what i found out is that on the NOTES field this is working. (if i use ** in front and end of text it will be bold) Maybe we also can make this happen on custom field text? I think this should be easy and quick to implement, what you think @lubos


The notes field makes use of the Markdown language, which allows you to do the type of things you say (bold, italics, etc.) Most other fields do not.


I’ve added Markdown support to custom fields in the latest version


@lubos, thank you for implement this, great… appreciate