How can i edit a statement

Can I delete a statement and create a new one.

Can you be more specific about what statement you are talking about?

I send a monthly statement to a client for books he ordered from us, but he stated that he did not receive all the copies, and ask for a new revised statement. However, MANAGER won’t let me delete the old statement so that i can create a new one.

I am going to make a few assumptions as you have not said exactly what you want or are trying to do

  1. You are using the latest version of Manager (V20.8.33) - if not, you may want to update

  2. You are referring to the Customer Statements (Transactions) report

  3. You have set the period correctly - ie for the start of the period to the end of the period the customer wants

The report will show all transactions on the customers account
Is this correct?
Is not please show screen images of your report and explain what you think is wrong
You do not delete the old one - Manager creates the report each time you view it with the latest information entered in the Customer’s account

Yes Joe91, your assumptions are correct. I am using the latest version of Manager Desktop. I am referring to the Customer Statements (Transactions) report. I have set the correct period - start and end.
And I have also changed the data in the Sales Invoices. But when I go to Reports to create a new Statement, the old Statement is still their. How can I delete it? Thank you.

The reports will always show if there are transactions for that customer for the set period.
No transactions, no report. If you set the date for some time in the future or for a period with no transactions it takes you to the set period prompt only. Is this what you mean?
eg -
from 1/5 to 7/8 (5 customers with transactions)

from 1/7 to 7/8 (1 customer with transactions)

from 1/01/2021 to 1/01/2021 (no transactions)

Thanks Joe91 and VACUUMDOG - problem solved!

I just want to make sure you realise “the old report” that you refer to is actually automatically generated as you open it. It’s not a copy of the report as at the time you made it.

This is an important distinction, because if you make new entries in the date period referred to in the report and then go back into it, the report will show those new entries.

If you need the report to be specific to when you created it you will have to save it out as a PDF or email it.

In relation to deleting it, if you edit the report (ie, the edit button in the left column) which allows you to set new parameters, there is usually the option to delete it.

This does not happen in the case of Statements. There is no option to delete.

I did not know that. Obviously I don’t use statements. :slight_smile:

WOW! Isn’t that interesting! (I just checked and am genuinely surprised)

Any idea (from an accounting perspective, or any other) why that’s the case?

I wouldn’t think it was a bug since just about every similar screen does have an edit and there-under a delete option. Why wouldn’t this?

Because in this case they are not reports but just a list of customers who have transactions in the period you specified

ahhh, you edit the period above and this is the resultant list. Got it, thanks.