How am I to delete old statements a.s.o. from previous years

When I start a new year, everything seems to be fine, but the previous years remain visible in statements and memo bookings. Purchase and Sales as well.

How do I get rid of them without loosing them for the taxman

@Vangis, you need to furnish more information. Manager is a perpetual system, so old transactions never vanish. What is displayed depends on where you are looking and your settings. Exactly where are you experiencing trouble? There is nothing named “memo bookings, for example.

Right, Sorry, I did not reply earlier, due to illness.
I found out, that “memo bookings” in English are journal entries.
I have these issues in downloaded bankstatements, sales and purchase invoices, as well as the journal entries.
When I change the block date to end an old and start a new year, it all stays visible. The summary is fine.

Another tubing is:" is it normal that downloaded bankstatements are split up in receipts and payments?

Thanks for your help. and with kindest regards


As it should as explained by @Tut that Manager like so many others is a perpetual accounting system. There is also logic to it as balance sheet items such as Liabilties, Assets and and Equity usually span many accounting years.

The lock dates prevent you from making changes in the amounts parts of transactions, invoices, etc (not necessarily description.

Yes it is ok to split receipts and payments on import as it does not affect the GL in any way, it still records all payments and receipts and helps you to assign them to the ledger accounts. You can always see them together when you click on the Bank & Cash Accounts tab and on the cleared balance amount (blue amount).