Cutomer Statment for all transations

Please help me as i don’t know how to make a customer statement for all invoices to client including paid and un pain invoices

Go to Reports - Customer Statements and select Transactions type and enter both From and Until dates - just make sure your From date is early enough

Awesome Thanks!

How do i delete invoices that are still referenced to something else

Can you explain what you mean ?
Generally, if the invoice is a mistake, click edit on that invoice - scroll to the bottom and click delete.

Ive made mistakes with an invoice after showing that money has been paid to
it and the client never paid,so when i do as you say this is the message i

(This record cannot be deleted because it is referenced by another object)

Ok, so you need to delete the Receive Money entry, then the invoice will show as paid

i see now what to do, thanks for taking the time to help much appreciated.