History Lost after Import

@guysab Fix History button is visible only if there is history to recover. Upgrading to the latest version does not delete anything from the database. You can send me your accounting file to lubos@manager.io and I can have a look or if you are familiar with SQLite. History is stored in tables: Changes and Commits. Do you have any entries in there?

Awesomely fast feedback! Yes, there are rows in those tables:

sqlite> select count(*) from Changes;
sqlite> select count(*) from Commits;

The “Fix History” button is supposed to be on the History page, right?

FYI, if the history information can be extracted by other means outside of the application, that would also work. The sqlite tables contain binary blobs, so it does not appear readily interpretable, but if there’s a way to extract or translate that in a more processable format (for example, csv, json, etc.), that’s an option that would also work well. I don’t mind writing a few scripts if need be. Thanks!

What if you run this query


Any results?

Yes, they’re all NULL:

sqlite> SELECT count() FROM Changes;
sqlite> SELECT count(
) FROM Changes WHERE Timestamp IS NULL;

In that case Fix History button should be visible. But I can’t tell you why it’s not since I’m not able to reproduce the issue. If you would send me your database then I could figure it out.

Sure, no trouble sending you a copy. PM me with instructions?