Backup from cloud edition from past dates

I would like to know if there is a possibility to retrieve a backup dated in the past from the could version. For example a backup of a year ago. Maybe through the help of the developers who might have backups of the whole cloud from the past.

This is because I can see that several figures of the past years have changed compared to our official audits that were conducted for the same years, and I think someone in our organisation must have recently posted some expenses using the wrong dates, while the Lock Date function was disabled.

Can’t answer re cloud backups but does the new history trail not allow a search

When using the cloud edition, you are still responsible for making your own backups if you want to be able to access them, use them for data transfers, import them, etc. The backup facility by NGSoftware refers to preventing loss of data in current files. In other words, you do not have to worry about a disk or server crash. It is not intended to restore previous data states.

@Joe91 thanks, where can I find that function?

@Joe91 I found it. The issue is that it only works since it was introduced, which means last month. But thanks, interesting fucntion!

how does it work?
Please provide me more details

Read the Guide: Audit transaction history | Manager.

As per this post discussion
i though in history tab, we can also see when and who have taken back ups. And if we select that line from History tab i though we can download back up of previous days

No, you cannot. You can only see who has entered or updated transactions. Backups do not modify the database.

(My emphasis added to the above)

No, that is not necessarily the case and this is a legal implication I refer to elsewhere.

When you take a backup of your database it is crucial that you download the version of manager associated with that backup. Because at some point in the future the data presented to you in any report will change.

@d3mad This is actually interesting and essential I guess. The back would go hand in hand with the specific version, which means that to fully access the past back ups we might obliged to install and reinstall different versions of Manager.

This is not true. If you open a backup with an older data structure, Manager will automatically convert it to the current structure.

The issues @d3mad has been posting about (there have been several in various forum topics) are due to either:

  • What the developer believes to have been bugs in older versions of the program, or
  • Incorrect usage of the program.

If you reinstall an obsolete version of the program, it will repeat any errors made when it was current. There is no benefit to that. On the other hand, if the current version of the program is causing errors, they need to be carefully illustrated so they can be fixed.

In your case, if you believe someone changed past records while your lock date was temporarily disabled, reinstalling an old version will not help you discover the problem. You will have to rely on either the old audit trail (which was not very informative) or the new History feature.

Yes, you are correct, this is how I see it.

@Tut Neither of us said that. No-one was talking about opening old data with new versions of manager.

My statement was that when you make a backup, you must also save a backup of the version of manager you used to create that version of the database file AND tie it to that data file.

The integrity of the user entered data relies on that.

@mauroskov was restating that, to which you commented about restoring older backups with newer versions. No-one is talking about doing that. In fact, I am stating exactly the opposite.

Explicitly, what I am saying is:

if you open an older backup with a newer version of manager, it will convert and now most likely show different data to what you are expecting from that backup!

I can not emphasis that enough:

opening older backups with newer versions of manager will most likely NOT present you with the same information you submitted to your accountant and the tax authorities of your jurisdiction.

For me this is a major issue because it is I that has to answer to any authority on the submitted data, not the software. Unless I can be sure the data previously presented by manager is consistent with what I entered, then I can no longer rely on it. And this is why I can no longer update the software, not without tools to verify the integrity of what I’ve presented.

I realise I will probably cop some flak for this opinion, but:

  • When manager presents me information that I present to the tax office and for all intents and purposes, I believe that to be true… and then
  • Manager changes my presentation of that data (through changing engines or report queries, whether I relied on bugs as features or not)

I do not believe I am the only one at fault. Yet, I will be the only one answering to the tax office.

Absolutely true, however to add, if you are required to open that old version backup into a current version database, then you must first copy (not move) that old version backup file to a new location and then rename it using the current version details before importing it so that the old backup and old version TIE is not lost.

Not necessarily, it could be to re-instate functionality which Manager removed without warning, such as with the recent changes to Custom Reports or Tax reporting. In the Custom Reports case, you had Users (well those that understood SQL) who had invested hours of their time into creating meaningful reports for their business only to have them with discarded out notice without any regard for the User (first insult), and to then have the Custom Report replacement facility to provide an inferior product (second insult), so that the User couldn’t even replace their previous reports.

Unfortunately, that appears to be something that Manager is forgetting. It is the Taxpayer, not Manager, who is the one accountable to the Tax Authority. Manager should not be representing just a cartel of Users.

Yes, it definitely will, because you will be using an old database with the same old version of the program. My comment had nothing to do with removal of functions. I was only emphasizing that if the old version produced an error, it will still produce the same error if you revert to it.

I clicked 'undo" on a specific transaction in the audit trail, i cant get it back.
How can i download yesterdays cloud back or reverse the "undo"back up

You cannot. The backups made automatically when using the cloud edition are for data continuity only. They are a server management function, but are not accessible by users. If you want to make and recover backups yourself, you must store them independently.

The Undo function in the History file is permanent. It cannot be reversed.