Hide Column on Invoice Tab

Due to changes in Manager with sales orders and order numbers on invoices, we have created a custom field for purchase order. Order number field is no longer required and has been replaced by purchase order. Is there a way to hide the order number column on the invoices summary tab that has data from before the change? Thanks

Only if there aren’t any invoices with data in the Order number field.

I had a feeling this might have been the case. It would be nice to tidy this up so that I don’t have an empty column going forward. Worth asking the question whether it was a possibility as we are able to do this with custom fields. Thanks

@Smileykylie, you did not say when you created and started using the custom field for purchase order numbers. Nor did you mention why you want purchase order numbers on a sales invoice. Are these your customers’ purchase order numbers? I assume so, and that you have set up this new custom field to show as a column, but please correct me if I am wrong.

@Mark already told you that you cannot make that Order number column disappear if there are any sales invoices with data in the field. But you can get rid of it with some work. Simply use Batch Update. While the data is in your spreadsheet, move the old Order number data to the column for your new Purchase Order custom field. Make sure everything is formatted the same way as for the sales invoices where you entered that data in your new custom field.

Apologies for the confusion. By purchase order I mean sales order (I am using the term for what our customer will see on the invoice). So your assumption is correct.

Thankyou for the suggestion of batch update. As I am unfamiliar with batch update, I will have a look at the guides to work through this.