Customer Statement Report - Column for Customer Purchase Order Number

I like the Customer Statement Report that is generated for unpaid invoice.However, if along with the invoice number (which I input in the Sales Invoice Tab), if I can also display the Purchase order Number of the customer , the report is more complete, and it is easy for the customer to check and send me a payment.

Currently, I was able to add an additional column in Sales Invoice called " Customer PO Number". However, I would really appreciate it if this same purchase order number reflects for each transaction on the Customer Statement Report and for Aged Receivables.

What do you suggest?

Okay, I realized that the Sales Invoice Tab actually has an “Optional column” for PO number. So we can fill up the PO numbers as per the sales invoice.

Now what I really need is when creating the Customer Statement in reports, it should also display the PO number against each invoice. Only when this displays, does it make sense to send this report to customer, as they may not have access to my invoice number, but they can check against their purchase orders.

Check the latest version (14.9.28). If you are using “PO #” field on sales invoices, customer statements will now show “PO #” column on customer statement too.

Thank you very much. This works perfectly for me now.

As an afterthought, if the Customer Statement Report also had a tab for “Description” importing what we enter from the sales invoice, this will make for a really complete Customer Statement Report. Do you think this will be possible? Thanks in advance.

Check the latest version (14.9.36)

Thank you very much for doing that. This is really amazing. And I am really appreciative of how quickly you support. Really considering the Server edition, once i build up a full fledged infrastructure for it, in a couple of months.

One quick point/request about the column size of description, in the customer report. Can this become wider? I think the “Date column” can be slightly reduced in width, and other columns adjusted to make the description column wider. Otherwise it tends to get inordinately longer in height for each entry.

One way to address this would be to remove Invoice word from Invoice column. It’s unnecessary. Then as you said, take white space from other columns if description column needs it more. Also no need to show columns Payments and Balance if no payments have been received on any invoice and so on. I think these are all ideas that can be implemented.

I can’t continue on this right now, will look into this again next week.

Hi, did you remove this feature? it was really helpful.

The “Customer Statement” report still exists.

And when viewing the ‘Unpaid invoices’ one, it shows the PO# if it’s listed on the invoice, so that hasn’t changed either.

Here is the relevant guide: Issue customer statements | Manager

Okay, thanks a lot, I checked and found it. Thank you for a quick response.

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