Order number on purchase invoice not visible for editing

I am using manager cloud version.
In purchase invoices screen, I see a column for the order number. However, in the edit screen for the purchase invoice, there is no line to input the order number. How can I get the field or order number on the purchase invoice?

That field appears on the purchase invoice form only if you have the Purchase Orders tab enabled. The fact that the Order number column appears in the Purchase Invoices tab listing indicates that at least one of your purchase invoices has an order associated with it. But you will not be able to see that order number, because it has been orphaned by disabling the Purchase Orders tab.

@lubos, I am putting this into the bugs category. While you cannot disable the Purchase Orders tab while there are purchase orders in existence, you can disable it while other transaction types reference purchase orders. Those references are then inaccessible for editing, although they show in View mode.

@applet, if you want to get rid of the column, you will need to enable Purchase Orders, delete the optional purchase order entries from your purchase invoices, then disable the Purchase Orders tab again. Or, if you want the column and field to be available, just enable Purchase Orders.


Fixed in the latest version (19.11.90)

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