Help with Report

Im trying to create a sales report that shows total monthly sales figures rather than day by day. Below is what I have tried, but have been unsucsessful in creating any monthly totals. Maybe this is not possible.
Any help would be appreciated.

Using version 22.8.9
Many thanks

That’s not possible at the moment without using a custom field to capture the month.

Hi, Thanks for that I did wonder whether it was possible using a custom field to capture the month is a little beyond my abilities.
Many thanks Grandpa

That would be too laborious to be useful.

I would personally settle for the report you got and feed it into a pivot table.

It would be nice though to have date filters for months and years but I’m not sure about technical feasibility. I wonder what @lubos would think of this.

Hi, Thanks for that. I agree.

If you only need the monthly total of the Sales account you could set up a P&L report like this.

Hi there,

Thanks for that. Will try it.