Monthly sales report and graph

Is it possible to get a month base sales report and over all graphics of sales?

Manager doesn’t have any charting functionality. The standard report to analyze sales and profitability is called Profit & Loss Statement, see: Guides | Manager

If you need different report, you need to be more specific what exactly you expect to see on the report in terms of rows and columns.

It would be great to see a graph as @artisuae mentioned.
I was also going to enquire about this.
A section on the summery would be great showing a line graph of profit, income and expenses to be able to filter to week, month, quarter and year.
A lot of other program’s have this as standard. It saves having to create a report and is a quick visual glimpse into timeline performance.
I believe it would be a great addition to manager.

HI ,
Is there any way to extract customer wise monthly sales in total value ? and product wise, customer wise sales in qty as well as value terms

Not currently within Manager

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