Sales by customer by period

I am still having trouble running a fairly simple report. I would like to run a report showing me the net sales by one customer for a particular period say current month. Thanks in anticipation.

When you say sales by one customer, this can mean different thing to different users. For example, some users imagine to see sales invoice totals (accrual-basis) while others imagine how much customer has paid (cash-basis) and others mean to see sales by customer by particular income account or inventory item.

Can you be more specific as to what you expect to see?

Not to sure of the terminology.
I would like to run a report sales invoice totals by a particular customer. Say for month or year

Customer ABC 1/11/14…30/11/14

01/11/14 200.00
15/11/14 150.00
30/11/14 100.00

Total 450.00

Hope that makes more sense.

Many thanks for your help.

I too wish the same. Is it available in manager?

Look at the Customer Statement report. For statement type, select Transactions and enter date range. Does that tell you what you want to know?

In Manager Desktop version 15.6.93, this shows balance (pending receivables) only. Not the sales :unamused:

Custom reports will be the way to extract this information.

Then you did not select Transactions for the statement type. Do this when you create a new report.

I assume that “sales by customer by period” is not a super complex requirement for which SQL type solution Custom Reports you are suggesting. :confused:

Custom Reports feature is not-friendly to non-advanced users like me.

@vravani, even if you don’t know how to make SQL queries, there will be many examples you can just copy and paste.


from where can i get these examples to simply copy and paste?

Not yet, custom reports are still work in progress. Ask again sometime next month.