Hard disk changed.. how to take data from old hard disk

hi , i changed the hard disk for my laptop , but before changing i not take backup . is it possible to get back the data from old hard disk .
If possible please give me the assistance

Data is stored in the application data file, see this guide to locate it Manage application data folder contents | Manager

You will need to

  • copy files from that directory on the old hard disk to your new hard disk or somewhere accessible

  • Then open each file in Manager to find the file you want

  • Then organise a better backup routine

Yes, if you can connect the old hard drive as an external drive to the laptop. A special cable maybe required.

i connected but whats the extention of the buiness file . i found the file from - F:\Users\Mamoun\AppData\Roaming\Manager -
Like this next what i should do

Import one or more of the .manager files you found on your old hard disk into Manager on your new computer.

hi , i found manager folder from old harddisk and i copied to new harddisk .
in the manager folder there are so many file with extension of .manager .
i tried to import this to manager desktop version but its showing invalid format …

please suggest any solution

Import it by using the restore function from within your new laptop, see
Backup, restore and transfer businesses

Start with the more recent .manager files (not the 0000000000000.Manger index file)

hi,I tried to import the files from the backup folder ( above attached theimage ) .
but its showing invalid format ( please see the above files isat anything wrong on that )

  • Click on the “Browse …” button to select one of the files you found on the old hard disk

  • Then click on the “Import” button

i Tried but same " invalid file format "

Which files did you try to Import?

I suggest during Importing you click on the “Date Modified” column and try the most recent 2-5 files (not 00000000000.Manager or size)

You can send me one of those files to lubos@manager.io and I can have a look why they would be invalid file format.

can you please send me the manager setup file for windows 8 . to open this files . because i download from the website desktop version not open the file .

About what version of Manager did you have on your old hard disk or to ask the question another way about what year did you last update Manager on that computer? Data files from very old versions of Manger some times are not readily imported into the current versions of Manager.

Then please either

or in your copy of Manager

There is no such thing as a “manager setup file” for Windows 8 or any other edition or version of the program. What are you referring to?