Find manager from external

Hi All
My laptop that had manager loaded on got wet so i removed the hard drive from the laptop and placed it in a enclosed external casing.
I then connected it onto another computer .i find all my data on the external but i just cant find the Manager’s file .
I have down loaded Manager onto the new computer but it does not have any of my accounts or business on it. Where and how can i re-rout manager to pick up the manager’s data on the external hard drive.
P.S . i have not done a back up before of my accounts.
Can anyone help please .

Your business file will be in the application data folder set previously in manager.
The file will have extension “.manager”. Try opening those files.

Thanks for replying.
The thing is i cant find ‘‘manger’’ on the external hard drive

the solution for this is beyond the scope of forum users here.
look for the files where you had previously set the application data of manager or try running a search on your external hard drive.
If the hard drive is damaged get professional technical support to recover files.


The Manager app needs to be on the new computer, I don’t think you run it from an external drive.

For your data (business) files, they can be located on the external.
To run them from there, under About Manager change the Application Data path to the external drive.
If you want to run them the new computer then click Add Business the click Import Business and navigate to the external drive.

To locate the data files, do a search of the external drive using .manager, note the dot in front.

If you are using Windows, then you need to set Windows Explorer to show all files.

Then if you did not move Manager’s Application Folder, look on the external drive and you will see a folder called Users. Follow the path: Users"MyUserName"\AppData\Local\Manager.

Depending on the version of Manager you were using, your business data file will be under your business name or under a long alpha-numeric name. Open the Manager program and on the Business tab click “Add Business”, then “Import Business”. Use the “Browse” button to follow the above path. Your business data will be imported and be on your new hard drive.

Your accounting data is important. Please keep a backup copy off-premises and/or on a Cloud service.

Thank dcvest that was a great help . All sorted and up to date.

Thanks Brucanna

You are welcome, but please implement a back-up strategy today. It’s that important.