GST Calculation Worksheet for BAS

The report titled: “GST Calculation Worksheet for BAS” does not show if Australian GST codes are not selected.
I have a client located in UAE, where they have started to charge VAT and it appears to be quite similar to Australian systems.

They have to lodge a quarterly return similar to Australian BAS.

I understand that the information can be gather from other reports, by I found it useful and I am sure the users in UAE would like to have something similar, especially non-accountants.

Am I missing something here?

Only relevant post on forums I found was:


You are not missing anything. There are national tax worksheets only for a few countries. The developer is from Australia. I believe all the others are the result of users in those countries working with the developer.

GST Calculation Worksheet for BAS is basically a glorified Tax Summary report. Tax Summary shows all figures you need to lodge VAT/GST return.