GST calculation work sheet for BAS

Firstly excellent program thanks so much. My problem is on GST report sheet, my figures at G1 and G11 are adding the tax on twice but the figures at G9 and G20 are right, and the ‘payment figure’ is right, can you please tell me where I have gone wrong.

That sounds impossible. What figures do you see under G1, G5, G9? And then what figures under G10, G11, G16, G20?

The figure I have at G1 is total sales but GST has been added twice to it. I have nothing at G5 and the figure at G9 is correct for ‘GST on sales’. I have nothing at G10 then G11 has included GST twice again. Nothing at G16 but the figure at G20 is correct. Hope this makes sense to you.

Could you write out specific figures? Feel free to multiple them (or divide them) by random number if you don’t want to disclose your real figures.

So what are the figures under G1 and G9?

Figure at G1 is 88,528.28 (should be 81,150.92) Figure at G9 is 7,377.36 (which is correct)

Yeah, G1 should be 81,150.

What version of Manager are you currently using? Click About Manager at the top.

Manager 14.7.19

Try to upgrade to the latest version from Download | Manager

Have now upgraded to latest version and seems to have fixed problem. I am not much good at this stuff so thank you so much for your time and patience. Excellent service.

Hi Lubos,
Just start to use this software and try to test GST calculation work sheet. but it seems not pick up correct figures at all.

Can you please help


@Jane, post screenshot to demonstrate the issue.