Group of items

How to display items by group in inventory.

Create additional custom field via settings (inventory item). Lets say

Dropdrop down menu with group of fish, chicken and beef alike.

Back to inventory item module listing edit each of the inventory. define custom fill with pre-made dropdown menu.

Then you may filter via search engine or click the header to list down by ascending or descending.

Relevent guide link, - Use custom fields - sort lists and tables

Thanks, but can we display these groups by default without this operation?

The unique item code when create the inventory, set it in a way it can be group for search engine to recognize. Fish01,Fish02 and so on…

Else I don’t have any idea.

By default, Manager does not place inventory items in groups. It would not be able to make any use of group identification. You can add information via custom fields, as @acecombat2 suggests. Or you can assign inventory items to custom control accounts instead of Inventory on hand. You can also assign them to custom income and expense accounts. See the Guide:

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I have a lot of books that must be grouped. it is very difficult to see them without group.

Then set up custom control accounts, income accounts, and expense accounts. Assign each book to appropriate accounts.

For what purpose do they need to be grouped ?
If it is for selling as a box set for example then you could use under Settings > Inventory Kits.
Read this Guide