Categorizing inventory

Good day,

I have some some school items to classify in the inventory.

Is there a way i can have subcategories in the inventory items such as School Uniforms, School Shoes, School Textbooks etc.


I’m not very experienced with inventory processing, but if I understand correctly you can do it with custom fields and add the label for each inventory type. Unless you mean assemblies of certain inventory items that are sold grouped into one item.
suspect that’s another matter.
You can also do that from item code, something like all group one items starts from 001 and all group two items starts from 002 then the first item in group one number would be 001001. It is looks like chart if accounts.

You can use a list-type custom field. But understand the field content will only be information. It will not actually divide inventory items into categories. And it will have no effect on how the program treats any inventory item. That means you will not be able to group items for reporting or other purposes.

You can, however, assign different inventory items to different income or expense accounts. So your costs and revenue from various groups could be collected in different accounts.

I think categorizing items depending on item code will give him ability to creat custom reports for specific items later. Is that right?

That will depend entirely on what a custom report was trying to present.

I’ve tried using Item Code butt I want to be able to arrange the items int subcategories and also generate a report in that line to show me the balances and totals

I surely will do this but the effect only comes through when items are sold. What about when I want to report the inventory balances for unsold items??

Meanwhile, can I use special Accounts or Control Accounts to achieve my intention and if yes …how??

Assign inventory items to custom control accounts. See Add custom control accounts | Manager.