Goods receipt for immediate payments of inventory

Purchasing inventory using ‘New Payment’ in the ‘Receipts & Payments’ tab currently assumes that the inventory is received immediately and thus the ‘Qty on hand’ column in the ‘Inventory Items’ tab is automatically updated to reflect the newly purchased inventory.

However I pay upfront, the goods are then shipped after payment and received in the future, is there any way to reflect this so adding ‘New Payment’ records for inventory purchases updates the ‘Qty to receive’ column instead upon payment, and only once goods are physically received is the ‘Qty on hand’ column updated?

The way to do this requires three steps:

  1. Record purchase with a purchase invoice instead of a payment form.
  2. Record payment of the purchase invoice. (This can be done immediately.)
  3. Enter a goods receipt when the items are received.

The process requires you to enable the Goods Receipt tab. Read these Guides for more details:

The reason both Steps 1 and 2 are necessary is that, as you’ve noticed, Manager considers purchases recorded via payment forms alone to imply contemporaneous receipt of goods. You cannot mix use of goods receipts with cash payments. This is because businesses rarely pay for goods not yet received.

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