Inventory items still showing as QTY to recieve?

Hi, i raised a purchase invoice listing inventory items, the invoice was paid and shows as paid in full, the inventory qty is correct but is showing as totals in QTY to receive even though the invoice has been paid. Im sure im doing something slightly wrong but cant figure out what. the only way i have worked around this is deleting the purchase invoice entirely and doing a simple “payment” and typing in each item again. surely there is a way to have the details of from the purchase invoice populate the inventory once the invoice is paid?

I have searched the forums and read the guides, i hope this makes sense?

make a Goods Receipt for the purchase invoice if you have enabled the tab.
if you have no use of the tab then you should disable it. enabling tabs in Manager has an impact on how relevant transactions are handled.

payments do not affect inventory quantity received or sent through invoices.

read the guide Create goods receipts | Manager

so having the goods receipt tab enabled is stopping it happening and keeping the QTY as still to be received… that makes sense. if i disable that goods receipt will it automatically add the one that are sitting there now? Ill give it a go anyway, cheers

the purpose of the Goods Receipt tab is to record the receipt of inventory purchased through Purchase Invoice. if you have enabled the tab and do not record the receipt, then Manager assumes you have bought the inventory but yet to receive it.
every tab in Manager has a purpose which affects transactions and should not be enabled if you have no plans to use it.