Quantity to receive when recording payment to supplier

I use Purchase Invoices, Goods Receipts and Purchase Orders mostly.
However there are times that I just use Payments for goods bought ‘over the counter’ from some suppliers. The problem is that when I do this the items purchased are not automatically entered as Goods Received (they show in Inventory Items as Qty to receive) , even though the account the items are credited to is ‘Inventory on hand’.

Now I realise that this might be due to the fact that I have the aforementioned tabs enabled, so it would be nice if I could copy the Payment to Goods Receipt like I can with Purchase Invoices and Purchase Orders,

What you say is not true. An inventory item purchased via only a payment form is instantly presumed to be on hand. No goods receipt is necessary. The financial and quantitative aspects of the purchase are simultaneous. Only if a purchase invoice is used are the financial aspects and the quantitative movement of inventory separated (financial on the purchase invoice, going to Accounts payable and quantitative movement via the goods receipt). Therefore, there would be no purpose in copying a payment to a goods receipt.

Well then…

Why this?? It is the inventory item after the above edit screen.

Have you drilled down on that figure?


Hmmmm. When I duplicate your payment, the Inventory item appears immediately in quantity on hand.

Just tried it with two other items and the same result. Straight to Qty to receive.
I was sure it used to work the ‘correct’ way…

What version?

Desktop 21.2.19 Windows 10

What if you buy from an “Other” payee instead of a supplier?

Yep, that worked…a bug?

I think so. The question for @lubos is which of these inconsistent behaviors is the bug.

Personally, I think a payment should not require a goods receipt, regardless of payee type.

Well, I just checked back over some previous Payments (late last year) to suppliers and they have all been added to inventory on hand immediately, so it used to do it

This is intended behaviour.

A lot of businesses do not do credit sales to customers… think of an online shop where goods are paid by customer first, then shipped. This use-case needs to be supported too.

Now, I will need to add ability to copy receipt to delivery note.

I’m considering to add checkbox to receipt to indicate whether the receipt should act as a delivery note at the same time. This would mean you do not have to issue separate delivery note which is useful when customer is walk-in (they pay and they take the goods at the same time).

Edit: I just realized this topic is about payments. But the same what I wrote applies on the other side too. In this case you could be purchasing from a shop where you pay upfront but the goods will be delivered at the later date. So there is no need for purchase invoice as purchase is not on credit.

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This has just popped up again for me.
If I use payments to buy items from a ‘Supplier’ the items go under ‘Qty to receive’ however there is no ability to copy from ‘Purchase’ to ‘New Goods Receipt’. Changing the Payment from ‘Supplier’ to ‘Other’ automatically assumes I have received the goods, even though I haven’t.
Can this be looked at and implemented @lubos ?