Sales order - inventory items

Dear Admin, I am new in using Manager. Can you let me know if there is a possibility to view quantity left to deliver when creating a sales order for a certain quantity of products (PO from my customer) and delivering a certain quantity. Specifically if my customer orders 100 items and I deliver 50 items, is there a possibility on the Inventory Items Tab to see that 50 require delivery - “qty to deliver”?
I receive advanced payment for goods and then order them. Sometimes my supplier will send me a portion of the goods ordered due to stock.
Thank you.

The answer depends on whether you are willing to use goods receipts and delivery notes. If you don’t use them, inventory items are assumed to be in hand once a purchase invoice is entered. Likewise, they are assumed to be delivered when a sales invoice is created. If you use the goods receipts and delivery notes, these events are not assumed to occur until the goods receipts or delivery notes are created. To understand this, read the three Guides on inventory management, beginning with Manager Cloud. Also read the Guides about goods receipts and delivery notes specifically.