Distinguish Production Order between Purchase Invoice and Receipt of Goods

When I create a purchase invoice I still do not have enough products in stock to produce. Suppliers can take several months to deliver the items, this leads the program to tell me that I can produce when in fact I do not have all the materials. I suggest that you create the option where the program takes from the items in inventory the quantity on hand instead of the quantity owned to say if I have insufficient quantity to generate a production order.

There is an option to track inventory quantities received. Would that not help?

This is the purpose of goods receipts. See the Guide: Create goods receipts | Manager.

I give an example: I have 0 units of qty in hand of any item and 5 units in qty to receive . If I make a production order in which I need 3 of this item, the program does not warn of Insufficient Qty of 3 units, it only decreases the qty in hand from 0 to -3 and the Qty owned from 5 to 2. I suggest that show the option to alert on insufficient qty based on the qty on hand column and not on qty owned because the items to be produced are not physically in stock and it can´t produce anything.

  1. Initial qty:

  1. Production Order (it don´t alert of insufficient qty):

  1. Final qty after PO:

Inventory alerts are already asked for in the ideas category, so you will have to wait until the programmer decides to work on it.

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See also posts on Production order issue when material is insufficient - #100 by Abeiku Where @Lubos suggests an intermediate solution.

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There is already a topic in the ideas category concerning insufficient quantities on production orders: Production order issue when material is insufficient. The length and broad participation in that thread shows this topic is much more complex than you perhaps realize.

There is another thread in ideas on zero (or low) quantity warnings: Inventory zero warning. It’s length also suggests there is much to think about.

Suffice it to say that attention to the other ideas would be required before yours could be addressed. And by then it might not even be necessary.

As I am posting this, I see that @eko posted similar replies while I was typing and looking up references.

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