Gmail SMTP not working after upgrade

I know that some people will say that this topic was over and over again. However while I was using ver 19.10.9 and my google smtp was working fine.
Changing to the latest version 20.2.83 and 20.2.85 (today) cannot connect to Gmail smtp.
I know all about SMTP, I am a network engineer and also a Google distributor so I know that I am doing nothing wrong. Besides, no change was made on my Gmail account before or after my Manager upgrade.

@Lubos, can you please take a look at this issue?

Many thanks for your continuous support and efforts.

Read the guide - this has been discussed to death on the forum

The change occurred about 5 months ago

read my comments - I know it was discussed
my settings was working until previous version - after upgrade it doesn’t work

please find below link it should solve your issue. you can choose the service provider and follow up the step. it should solve the issue you have

thanks for the links; I already tried with app password, less secure apps, without 2 step auth etc…

gmail works fine for me on ver 20.2.86
therefore the issue is not with Manager.

just to inform everybody that suddenly today w/o any change I sent an emai through the manager.
very weird…
the issue is that the manager doesnot give any logs on how it sents the emails and communicate with the mailserver so there’s no easy way to troubleshoot such problems.

I wish to thanks everybody for the interest shown and effort to assist me.