Generating Sales Quote as PDF Error

Dear developer,

I’m using Manager desktop edition for Mac version 19.12.10 and I just have created a new sales quote and then when I tried to generate a PDF document of it, an error has occurred and Manager App became not responding. Just to make sure I tried to generate a PDF of Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Payment & Receipt it worked just fine. The error only occurs when I try to generate a PDF of a Sales Quote.

Error Message:

Manager becomes not responding:

I can generate pdf for sales quote. Using version 19.12.5, Debian Buster Operating System. Server Edition Without Issue. The problem may specific to MacOS dependency.

Update your software. I cannot reproduce this with version 19.12.14.

I’ve just updated to version 19.12.14 and still I can’t export the Sales Quote as PDF. Error message pops up and when I click the OK button the whole app becomes not responding!!

Could it be because the Sales Quote I’ve cleated is very long and heavy??

Error popup:

Possibly. What happens when you try with a shorter sales quote? That information would be useful. Also, are you using a custom theme? If so, what happens with the default, Plain, theme?

I’ve just tries another Sales Quote (shorter and smaller) it worked just fine and exported it in PDF in couple of seconds. BTW I’m using the default theme in all of my documents. It seems that the probles was that the Sales Quote was very long and Manager couldn’t handle it !!!

On that basis, I am putting this into the bugs category.

@a_marhoon91 could you send me some test file where I can reproduce the issue to ?

There is no files as the error occurred due to having many entry lines and very long lines not due to large images attached to it, that was my conclusion.