Generating PDF shows errors instead of images

Dear developers @lubos @Tut ,

I’m using Manager on may MacOS. I include signature and stamp on receipts, payment, payslips & sales invoices. I added a custom fields for the signature and the stamp into all these financial forms and added these fields in the forms defaults. In these fields I added a link which the image is uploaded to. It worked perfectly fine for more than a year until today, I updated the application to version 19.12.10 and it got what it seems as a bug or something.

The signature & the stamp are showing when I click “View” on the form with in Manager, see below:

But when I click on “PDF” to generate a PDF file of the form, the generated PDF file shows errors, see below:

Please refer to this issue as soon as possible or in your next release because I can send any of these forms to our stakeholders with errors showing in them.

Best regards,
Ahmed A. Marhoon

I would like to add something, it works just fine when I print any form the images show perfectly :ok_hand: the error only occurs when generating PDF!

Print, screen, and PDF are all rendered differently. How big are your image files?

They aren’t big at all, I’ve been using the same images since March, 2018 and been working just fine until I updated to latest